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Leasing BMW 

Best 2018 leasing BMW specials are finally here—where are you? Have you always wanted to drive a BMW but couldn’t because, let’s agree, it is an expensive car. Well, don’t worry about that now, because Just Lease, the UK’s most exclusive luxury car sourcing service, make it easier for you to drive home your dream car. How have we managed to pull this off? Well, we have business relationship with some of the most famous car suppliers and financial providers in the industry, allowing us to offer great lease specials on exclusive bespoke old and new luxury vehicles. If you can’t buy a BMW outright, you should consider leasing it, especially when Just Lease leasing BMW specials are so affordable. Today more and more people are opting to lease their next luxury ride, instead of buying it. You don’t have to worry about paying a hefty down payment when you lease a luxury car. Plus, your monthly instalments are also significantly lower, often just about 500 pounds a month. The other benefit is that the obligation is small-term, so you don’t need to do a lot of financial planning, which in certain situations is almost next to impossible. Last but not the least, you need not worry about your car’s resale value, which only goes one way as time passes—down! At the end of your leasing BMW special contract, you can simply seek our services once more to lease a new luxury car. Of course, if you fallen completely head over heels for the previously leased BMW, you can also buy it from us. Just Lease offers leasing BMW specials on a wide range of BMW models. Just tell us which BMW model you want and the features desired, and we’ll find you the best leasing BMW plan for the requested luxury car.

Exclusive leasing

We partner with the biggest finance providers in the industry, allowing us to provide some of the most competitive contract hire products in the UK. We specialise solely in the sourcing and supply of prestige brand, luxury cars to individuals and businesses alike.

Exclusive Cars

As car enthusiasts, our vehicle fleet is personally hand picked by us to ensure our cars meet the expectations of our customers. We work closely with some of the UK’s largest vehicle suppliers which enables us to source and supply both new and used bespoke, luxury vehicles to the exact specifications of our clients.

Exclusive Service

We pride ourselves on ensuring our clients receive a truly first class experience. As part of our ongoing commitment, we provide a concierge service for the duration of your contract hire to ensure your vehicle is maintained in line with the manufacturers servicing schedule. We will ensure that your vehicle is collected, serviced and returned to you at a date, time and place that suits you

Five Steps to Leasing BMW

We ensure the process of leasing or buying your dream car is a smooth process


Get In Touch

Get in touch with our team and let us know your specifications. We will asign you your very own contracts manager to help you choose the brand & model, including the colour and any other factory additions you may desire


Choose Your Contract

Once we’ve sourced the vehicle for you, we will provide a written quotation for the exact terms you have stipulated. We will work with you to ensure both the car and contract meet your criteria to the fullest extent.


Place Order

Once you are satisfied with the contract terms, we will assist with processing the finance application and vehicle order. We will keep you informed every step of the way until your car is delivered to your door.


During Your Contract

While you remain within your contract, your asigned contacts manager will keep track of your cars servicing schedule and MOT to ensure your pride and joy remains on the road. They are also available to assist with organising any repairs or general maintenance


End Of Term

At the end of your agreement, your contracts manager will facilitate the return of your vehicle and assist you with sourcing your next car

Personal Contract Hire PCH

Your luxury vehicle seach starts here. We specilise in the contract hire & leasing of all prestige brand vehicles.

Business Contract Hire BCH

Recieve a company car allowance? We can provide the best rates available for prestige brand vehicles for businesses.

Outright Purchase

We partner with the biggest vehicle suppliers in the industry so that we can provide the most competative OTR prices and beat the main dealer waiting lists.

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